Linda Seger Script Consultant and Screenwriting Coach

Dr. Linda Seger created the script consulting profession in 1981 and is one of the world’s foremost script consultants. She is also an experienced screenplay coach and story coach with Academy Award winning clientsContact Linda today for help on your script!
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About Script Consultant Linda Seger: Linda is the most prolific author on the subject of screenwriting with nine books and is known world-wide as one of the experts in the field of screenwriting. She has trained over 75 script consultants in her method from Germany, Italy, Austria, New Zealand, Scandinavia and the U.S.

Linda Seger has been a screenwriting consultant on over 100 produced feature films, television shows, and plays, and her clients have won numerous awards, including Academy Awards, awards from numerous film festivals, as well as having box office hits. She has lectured on screenwriting in 33 countries on all 6 continents.

“Making a Good Script Great has informed all my movies beginning with Apollo 13″ –Ron Howard, American film director, producer, and actor

“Linda is the Rolls Royce of script consultants. I should know – I’ve been to 6 of them.” –S.W. Screenwriter

Linda’s technique is ‘a light to see by’ –Ray Bradbury, American novelist, short story writer, essayist, playwright, screenwriter, poet and one of Linda’s clients

Linda has been a script consultant for clients that  include writers, directors, producers, executives and companies, in film, television, and theater. They range from beginners to Academy Award winners such as Peter Jackson and William Kelley. To discuss a script consulting project, book purchases, speaking engagement or seminar, contact Linda.

Screenwriting books by Linda Seger