Wisdom from What Our Mamas Taught Us: Invest in Experiences

Linda Seger is an international story coach, script and screenplay consultant. This is the story behind an inspirational quote in her book, What Our Mamas Taught Us.

“Invest in experiences rather than stocks and bonds. They have a better pay off.”

By Mama Agnes Seger from Linda Seger’s book, What Our Mamas Taught Us

Mother believed in experiences. Even though we grew up in a small town with few opportunities, she tried to give us experiences. We went to Niagara Falls and I remember that long drive from Wisconsin. We entered music contests and piano contests. If I wanted to learn something, she would try to make it happen. I loved horses and she tried to open up the experience of horseback riding to me even though there were very few opportunities where we lived. We went to a dude ranch in Colorado when I was 13. She brought groups of us together to sing Christmas shows. My whole family hosted house recitals as well as performing other places together.

Throughout my life, I have often thought about the importance of simply saying “yes” to the many experiences that open up opportunities. Experiences enrich our lives.