Wisdom from What Our Mamas Taught Us – Tip the Breakfast Waitress Well

Linda Seger is an international story coach, script and screenplay consultant. This is the story behind an inspirational quote in her book, What Our Mamas Taught Us.

“Always tip the breakfast waitress well.  She’s gotten up very early and often is raising children and struggling, but she doesn’t get the big tips the waiters get at night.”

By Mama Agnes Seger from Linda Seger’s book, What Our Mamas Taught Us

My mother helped me have a sensitivity to people who work in service jobs. I had never thought about the difference between the breakfast waitress and the night or evening waiter. She helped open my eyes to the fact that most of the waiters at night are men who receive larger tips, and most of the waitresses in the morning are women. Mother pointed out to me that they often had to get up at 4 or 5 AM to be there with a good smile, pouring coffee, and greeting us with a hearty, ” Hello!” Another mama in this book actually added to this advice and said, “Never tip less than three dollars, even if the breakfast is only three dollars.” This comes from Mama Shelley Davis, who is the sister of my assistant Katie.