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Linda’s Trip to Norway and Lapland

Happy Holidays! We spent the beginning of the Christmas season in Lapland – northern Finland at the Arctic Circle. My husband and I had this trip on our bucket list – although many of my friends thought we were nuts. But we love snow and love the beauty of snow-covered forests and pastures.
Linda Peter Ice Table

Linda and Peter inside an ice house at an ice table

We had a peak experience – drove a dog sled team of 5 Alaskan huskies for 15 miles. We had a two-person sled, so Peter and I each drove half the distance. There were 6 dogsleds in all, with a team of five very excited and happy dogs. They love to run!

Dog Sledding Near Arctic Circle

The guides were on snowmobiles at the front and back. They gave us a five minute lesson on how to drive a dogsled team (the brake is very, very important) and occasionally had us stop so they could check us and check the dogs. We went down a snow-covered lane through the Finnish forests, and then to a big pasture which we circled. It was a marvelous sight to see these dog sled teams out in the open in the deep snow.

Dog sled ride near Arctic Circle

The next day we visited Santa’s Village and did a sleigh ride pulled by a reindeer. They are smaller than the mule deer and white-tailed deer (the Bambis) that we often see. And they don’t like people near their heads but you can pat them on the rump.

Peter Linda Student Group

Thanksgiving dinner with my film students in Oslo, Norway

We also loved the Lapland restaurants – very cosy, lots of fish and reindeer. The hotels and restaurants have furs on the chairs and backs of sofa which gives a warm and cosy feel. It doesn’t get light until 9:30 am and is dark by 2:30 or so. But there are candles at every meal – breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and at the hotel reception area and at the bars and windows (the ones without curtains swaying too near). Torches often light the entrances to restaurant. I wondered how I’d feel about so much darkness, but I found it quite fascinating. (We were only there four days so not quite the same as living there.)

Linda Seger and Peter outside hut

Linda and Peter outside hut

We met Santa and his elves at the Helsinki Airport. And we were very much in the Christmas spirit by the time we got home.

May your holidays and New Year be lovely!

Fondly, Linda

Linda Inside Ice


A Peek Inside Linda’s Holiday Home

Linda Seger’s historic Colorado log home was featured in her community’s Holiday Home Tour. Come inside and sneak a peek at some of the beautiful decorations visitors experienced!

For starters, here is Linda’s Christmas Tree

Holiday Home Christmas Tree

Next is the cowboy themed sunroom

Holiday Home Cowboy Sunroom

The cowboy sunroom from another angle

Holiday Home Cowboy Room

And doesn’t this gingerbread house in her kitchen look delicious?

Linda Seger's Gingerbread House

A child’s dream – toys galore!

Linda Seger's Holiday Home Toy Room

A beautiful retreat for sleepy heads

Linda Seger's Holiday Home Tour Bedroom

It sure would be nice if home would look just as lovely all year long!