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Script Consulting Fees
Other Consultants/Professional
Script Overview - $1200
Includes 10-12 pages of notes. The notes include an analysis of structure, story, character, and theme, plus comment on what works, what doesn't work, and how to strengthen, tighten, and clarify the work.

Additional read with polish notes after rewrite: $500

Extra Pages: For scripts over 125 pages, add $5 a page.

Script Overview Plus Script Notes - $1500
Includes the above, plus written notations on the script. Script Notes includes suggestions for scenes that could be cut or condensed, dialogue that could be clearer, possible character changes and where to insert story changes.
Additional read with polish notes after rewrite: $500

The Annotated Script - $2500
This service includes a 12-15 page conceptual report (the same as The Overview) and then Notes are added on the Screenplay Document (in FinalDraft or Word) which show how to apply the Report to the Rewrite. It has more detail and explanation than the margin notes and actually makes cuts on the script, suggests some dialog changes, plus gives concepts to think about Specific Scenes as the Writer is doing the rewrite.

Script Breakdown - $3500
Includes 20-30 pages of notes, including conceptual notes, a graphic analysis of the script, a page-by-page analysis.
Additional read with polish notes after rewrite: $500

Script Treatments
Treatments 6-15 pages - $50 a page.
Treatments 15-20 pages - $40 a page.
Treatments over 20 pages - $35 a page.
For short films:
    1-5 pages = $35/page
    5-15 pages = $30/page
    15-30 pages = $25/page

Script Consultation from Early Draft into Production - $5000
This includes consultation on treatment and outlines, complete Script Breakdown service, plus top priority status and availability through first week of production. Includes up to four additional reads with polish notes at no extra charge.

Due to it's popularity, the Recession Special has become permanent, even when the recession ends. - $500
A 5-6 page report with suggestions for some additions, subtractions, or changes for the rewrite. This does not have the detailed analysis of the more expensive services, yet it gives a good guide to the rewrite, with specific suggestions for solving problems, as well as an analysis of the talent of the writer and next steps.

Script Evaluation - $350
Occasionally writers, producers, directors, and executives want a reading of a script, to determine whether it's worth pursuing for consultation. This service includes a reading of the script and a one page report on commerciality, general strengths and weaknesses, and a recommendation about whether to proceed to a consultation.

Sit-com scripts - $500

Series scripts - $750

Series Bible - $250

Production Consulting - $7500
For consulting on script through two or more drafts, then to rough cut of the film and availability in pre-production, production and post-production. - Includes up to four additional reads with polish notes at no extra charge.

Script Integration - $2000
Sometimes producers or writers need to integrate two different drafts, choosing the best of both but it's difficult to see the forest for the trees when integrating scripts. This service includes cutting and pasting and, if necessary, re-structuring the script to use the best of two different scripts.

Reading Source Material: $2 per page
Breakdown of Source Material: $2,500 plus per page charge

Attending staged reading, taking notes, one meeting: $500

Editing notes for rough cut - $2500


Script Meetings: For writers, directors, producers, individually or with the team, come to the Colorado Rockies to work on your script for half a day or from 1-6 days of meetings one-on-one. We'll tighten and strengthen the structure and story, create stronger character arcs and character details, further explore the theme and images.
$1000 for a 6 hour day
$500 for half a day (3 hours)

Stay across the street at the rustic and elegant Rocky Mountain Lodge (contact Brian or Debbie at,
or 888-298-0348

Inn at Cascade, a distinguished 1929 adobe style bed and breakfast nestled in the pines at the base of Pike's Peak. (contact Sheri or Tom at,
or 800-507-4030

Eastholme In The Rockies, a gracious historically listed 1885 Victorian home located just a block away (contact Deborah or Ken at,
or 800-672-9901

Blue Spruce Inn, a beautiful Bed and Breakfast near the foot of Pikes Peak. Owners: Bill and Lynda Martinez, 719-684-7795.

Escape to a quiet cottage in the pines at Cascade Escapes (contact Sandy or Bob at,
or 800-915-3633

Call for details: 719-684-0405.

Interested in filming your script in the Colorado Rockies? Click here for information about the Colorado Springs film commission


Please send the script, a stamped return envelope or FedEx number, and a check made out to "Linda Seger," to:

Linda Seger
4705 Hagerman Avenue
Cascade, CO 80809

Make sure all your contact information is on the title page of the script.

For international only, you may contact for where to email the script as a Word Attachment or a PDF. For international only you can wire transfer the money to my account. Contact me for wire transfer details. In all cases, before sending your script, contact me for my schedule of availability.


Linda has trained script consultants in New Zealand, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, and Italy, giving 1-3 week Master Classes in these countries. She has also had some individual training classes in the United States. It is recommended that those who are interested work for 5-10 days in Colorado with Linda. Contact Linda for details.

Other Consultants/Professional

Shapes of Success
Real people sharing their thoughts, experiences, and feelings from events in their lives.

Judith Claire Career Counseling
Since 1978, Judith Claire has specialized in helping members of the entertainment industry, creative thinkers, and spiritually-motivated professionals achieve their goals. Judith is my career consultant.
    Judith has just published a wonderful book about hormones and how they affect behavior called "So THAT'S Why They Do That! Men, Women And Their Hormones." It's so well written and informative that I realized it could help writers have insights into character and help them deepen their characters. Iím going to use it in my classes and am recommending it to all my clients.

Funny Fixx!
Haven't slept in a week? So stressed you're snapping at your dog? Banned from every all-you-can-eat buffet in town? You need your FunnyFixx today!

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