Screenwriting and Screenplay Books by Linda Seger

Linda Seger is one of the foremost script consultants in the world. She is author of nine screenwriting books and has led screenwriting seminars in 33 countries on all six continents.

If you want to improve your script or screenplay and become a more productive writer, you will find Linda’s screenwriting books to be of great value! Contact Linda today to learn about her script consulting work or schedule a screenwriting seminar.

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Books can be ordered directly from Linda by downloading her bookorderform and
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Most recent:

subtext-3d-2screenwriting books by Linda Seger, Making a Good Script Great

Making a Good Writer Great by Linda Seger

The Best Screenplay by Linda SegerFrom Script to Screen by Linda Seger


Advanced Screenwriting by Linda Seger

Creating Unforgettable Characters by Linda SegerThe Art of Adaptation by Linda SegerWhen Women Call the Shots by Linda Seger


Chapters by Linda Seger:

Behind The Screen: Hollywood Insiders on Faith, Film and Culture Signs Of Life in the USAThe Healing Touch of Horses