Making a Good Script Great

Making A Good Script Great by Linda Seger

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Making a good script great is more than just a matter of putting a good idea on paper. It requires the working and reworking of that idea. This book takes you through the whole screenwriting process – from initial concept through final rewrite – providing specific methods that will help you craft tighter, stronger, and more saleable scripts. While retaining the invaluable insights that placed its first two editions among the all – time most popular screenwriting books, this expanded, revised, and updated third edition adds rich and important new material on dialogue, cinematic images, and point of view, as well as an interview with screenwriter Paul Haggis. If you are writing your first script, this book will help develop your skills for telling a compelling and dramatic story. If you are a veteran screenwriter, it will help you articulate the skills you know intuitively. And if you are currently stuck on a rewrite, this book will help you analysis and solve your script’s problems and get it back on track.

“When I was a child, I read your book MAKING A GOOD SCRIPT GREAT. (como convertir un buen guion en un guion excelente – spanish version) that changed my life forever. Three years ago I finished my first feature film Havanastation, that was the Cuban Official Entry to the Oscars. Thanks for your great job all these years. You changed films around the world.” –Ian Padron, Filmmaker and Producer