Making a Good Writer Great

Making A Good Writer Great by Linda Seger

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In any creative endeavor, a knowledge of craft by itself, no matter how sound or thorough, is simply not sufficient to allow for the creation and growth of truly original work. While craft may provide structural tools, it does not address the most basic and universal element of all artistic work-the creative process. Designed not just to awaken creativity but to teach the writer the process of being a creative thinker within the context of screenwriting, this unique new addition to Linda Seger’s highly popular collection of screenwriting books combines current theories of creativity with the practices of screenwriting, focusing on ways in which screenwriters can learn to think and work more creatively. Through discussion, exercises and analysis of scripts, one is eased into understanding and working with such pivotal creative concepts as nonlinear thinking, visual thinking, metaphorical thinking, oppositional thinking and utilizing one’s unconscious mind. Making a Good Writer Great does just what its title professes-provides both novice and experienced writers with the means to expand their creative processes and write at a higher artistic level.