Writing Subtext What Lies Beneath


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“What lurks in the shadows, just below waking consciousness?”
Subtext can be the most important element in text and in a performance. It’s an unseen force that speaks directly to the reader’s unconscious, deepening meaning and understanding.  In Writing Subtext What Lies Beneath, Linda shows how great subtext can reveal more than simple dialogue and action and is at the heart of the best books and films. It is what glues us to the screen.
This book goes far beyond dialogue, action, gestures, genre, and images. Written by one of the foremost script consultants in the world and the most prolific writer on screenwriting, this new edition adds new examples with chapters on analogy and love and provides deeper explanations of how subtext works beneath the text. This edition has been expanded to be relevant to all fiction writers.

Review by Midwest Book Review  posted May 2017 on The Writing/Publishing Shelf,

“Now in a revised and expanded edition for both screenwriters and novel writers, Writing Subtext: What Lies Beneath is a guide to the intricate yet ultimately rewarding art of crafting works with rich subtext. Case studies from popular media including “The Big Short” and the “Abnormal Psychology” episode of “Cheers” help illustrate concepts such as playing with analogies, showing evidence of human love beneath the literal text, how to smoothly incorporate gestures and action, and much more. Writing Subtext is a superb resource for authors, especially professionals in the field seeking to refine their narrative polish! Highly recommended.”