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Linda Seger screenwriting expert and script consultantDr. Linda Seger is one of the foremost script consultants in the world and the most prolific author in the area of screenwriting. She is a screenwriting expert and author of nine books, including a must-have on every screenwriter’s bookshelf, Making a Good Script Great.

Linda has appeared as a guest on over 50 radio and television shows including “All Things Considered,” “The Bill O’Reilly Show,” “CNN Power Lunch,” and as a commentator on “CNN” for the Academy Awards, “Good Morning LA,” “Good Morning New York,” “Channel 13 Los Angeles,” “The Evidence,” plus a number of other shows in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Denver, London, etc.

She has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Herald Examiner, The Sacramento Bee, The Christian Science Monitor and The Gazette among many others. Linda has also been featured as a screenwriting subject matter expert on numerous radio shows, webcasts and podcasts.

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Linda Seger’s Media Updates, Reviews, News and Interviews

Interview with Debra Eckerling with Write Online discussing NEW Edition of  Writing Subtext: What Lies Beneath

Colorado College graduate relies on spirituality in her work as script consultant, The Gazette (Jan 22, 2016)

Film Talk Podcast (Jan 2016)

Interview on the Indie Film Hustle Podcast, How to Make a Good Script Great (Dec 2015)

Linda’s article, Web Thinkers: Connecting Not Competing for Success, (Nov 2015)

Spirituality interview with Linda by Mark A. Kellner at Deseret National News: When Hollywood Puts God on Screen (Mar 2015)

Linda Seger’s book, Making a Good Script Great: A Guide for Writing and Rewriting, is listed among the top 10 screenwriting books at

2015 Illumination Book Awards names two of Linda’s books: Spiritual Steps on the Road to Success won gold with the Enduring Light Award. Jesus Rode a Donkey won silver with the Christian Living Award. videos: Two Words Screenwriters Should Use Every Day with Linda Seger and Writers Often Forget that Writing is a Process (Nov 2014)

Nov 29, 2014, podcast with Lou Coty: Linda Seger Loves You and Your Script

October 25, 2014 International Screen Writer’s Association Teleclass: Making a Good Script Great

Movies Among Friends book review: Making A Good Script Great

Prosper Magazine interview with Linda Seger (Jan 2010) interview on Linda’s Book, Spiritual Steps on the Road to Success (2009)

Linda Seger and Katie

Client Success 🏆
Congratulations to client Kathryn Machi for winning Best Screenplay at the Moondance International Film Festival (pictured)

Congratulations to client, Paula Kay Hornick, for reaching the quarterfinals of the Final Draft Screenwriting Contest

Congratulations to client Maxim Dankevich, screenwriter, Battle For Sevestopol, for winning the following in  the Beijing International Film Festival (2015)

Best actress – Julia Peresild

Golden Eagle Awards, Russia 2016

Best actress – Julia Peresild

Best Cinematography – Yuriy Korol

The film was also nominated for 15 other awards