Come to Cascade Colorado to Work With Dr. Linda Seger

Why should you come to Cascade, CO to work with me ?

Many Clients prefer to meet face to face with me to work on their scripts and screenplays. It is beautiful here in the Cascades and I would love to have you come. In April 2017, we had an early spring snowfall and I’ve included some of the  photos we took to show you how lovely it was. Spring and summer are both perfect seasons to plan a trip, a working vacation.

What to expect as far as a schedule ?
Generally, we work from 9:30 am to noon, and take a lunch break together, and then work from 1:30-4 pm. I leave my evenings free in case the client wants to have dinner together. If the client is here for 3 days or more, we try to have 1 meal at our home. We generally work in the sitting room and, if a team comes, we work in the living room. There are two Inns that are very close, to my home, one is on the same street!  The Rocky Mountain Lodge Website:  Find more details here about what to expect from Personal Consultation.

Here are a few photos of our  home.